CBD is becoming a common remedy for many things: anxiety, stress relief, or even a sleep aid. But what can it do for pain relief on a physical performance spectrum? Millions of people work out their bodies daily for multiple reasons, but all are familiar with the twinges of pain that come following pushing your body to a new limit. These strained muscles can cause everyday life to be more difficult and also hinder daily activities. So the question is simple, can you use CBD to alleviate muscle discomfort?

The steps would seem rather easy- a salve containing CBD rubbed onto the part of the body where there is pain and allow it to seep into the skin and relieve the tension from the hurt muscles. Topical CBD or “skin-penetrating” has not been studied as much as its oral counterparts, but if it follows other herb-based rubs, has helpful qualities from soaking into the skin.

 The concentration of CBD is often low in these products and it is important to note the other ingredients involved that also could add to the relief provided by the product. It’s important for consumers to review the ingredients list, much like any other product meant to be absorbed by your skin. 

To break down a little of the science, your skin has cannabinoid receptors and when CBD is applied it activates a system due to those receptors that bind to the epidermal and dermal skin and therefore alleviate some of the pain.

CBD has strong anti-inflammatory and as inflammation is the cause of a lot of bodily pain and therefore can bring relief if properly used. Both immediately post a workout and the day after have both shown signs of pain relief. If a hardcore workout isn’t the cause of your pain, but rather just a neck twinge from sitting at a desk all day, a higher concentrate CBD balm is still shown to be beneficial.

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