Top Dispensary Near Summerfest: Best Strains To Vibe To 2024’s Headlining Artists

Music fans everywhere are getting ready for one of Milwaukee’s biggest events of 2024: Summerfest, where this year’s performances are set to be hotter than ever. Three weekends of fun can sap your energy, but TerraSol Dispensary has the perfect remedies to keep you going strong: our exclusive selection of premium strains. (Look no further for a dispensary near Summerfest, you’ve found it!)

In the spirit of being neighbors with the world’s largest music festival (we’re just one block away!), we’ve compiled  a list of our best flower strains to match each of this year’s headliners. From Keith Urban to Lil Uzi Vert, lovers of every genre can enjoy their favorite artists while feeling their perfect high— just pop in for a visit before the show!

Perfect Strain Pairings from The Best Dispensary Near Summerfest

Kane Brown

Blue Zushi (Hybrid) 

Get relaxed and mood-boosted without the sleepiness so we can watch Kane Brown! Blue Zushi’s balanced hybrid profile will let you sway to Kane’s country hits with just the right amount of euphoria and relaxation. This strain keeps you uplifted and in tune with the vibe, perfect for experiencing the full range of his smooth vocals and energetic performances. With Blue Zushi, you’ll feel the groove without the snooze, ensuring you catch every heartfelt lyric and upbeat rhythm Kane Brown delivers on stage.

Motley Crue

Cheetah Piss (Hybrid)

You’ll be “Smokin’ In the Boy’s Room” with Cheetah Piss before the Motley Crue show! This potent hybrid strain will have you feeling the high-energy vibes of the Crue’s legendary performance. With Cheetah Piss, you’ll stay amped up and ready to rock, embracing the hard-hitting beats and electrifying guitar solos. The euphoric effects will elevate your experience, ensuring you’re fully immersed in the adrenaline and excitement of a night of unforgettable rock ‘n’ roll.


Papaya (Indica-Hybrid) 

Enjoy floating on a wave of relaxation with notes of tropical fruit while SZA takes you on a trip with her dazzling vocals. With Papaya’s sweet, fruity notes and SZA’s enchanting melodies, the time you spend at Summerfest will be nothing but good days. The lush, calming high is ideal for soaking in her soulful storytelling and emotional depth. As the bassline thumps and SZA’s voice carries you away, let Papaya’s peaceful vibes wash over you, creating a harmony of senses that’s as smooth as her music.


Glitter Bomb (Sativa-Hybrid) 

Glitter Bomb’s fruit explosion will have you READY TO GO for Illenium’s energetic and exciting set! This strain delivers a sparkling explosion of fruity flavors and an exhilarating high, perfectly complementing Illenium’s high-energy beats and captivating light shows. As you light up, the bright, citrusy notes and uplifting effects of Glitter Bomb will infuse you with a burst of energy and euphoria, syncing perfectly with the rhythm of Illenium’s performance.

Tyler Childers

Mother’s Milk (Sativa-Hybrid) 

Mother’s Milk’s sweet, floral flavors will rock you like a baby during Tyler Childer’s warm, southern bluegrass set. As you inhale the sweet, floral flavors of Mother’s Milk, let its calming, uplifting effects take you away on a gentle Appalachian breeze, blending seamlessly with the nostalgic and earthy vibes of his music. This harmonious pairing will lull you into a state of blissful relaxation, making your Summerfest night truly unforgettable.

Keith Urban

Laughing Boodah’s (Sativa-Hybrid) 

Laughing Boodah’s spicy, grounding aromas are a perfect pairing to Keith Urban’s nostalgic country set as they uplift your mood and calm your mind and body. This strain’s uplifting and euphoric effects will have ”Somebody Like You” cruising through Keith’s energetic and soulful country rock. With its bright, citrusy flavors and an invigorating buzz, Laughing Boodah’s will keep you in tune with every electrifying guitar solo and heartfelt lyric.


Caffeine (Sativa) 

Caffeine will help you keep the beat during AJR’s up-tempo, dance-inducing set! Just like AJR’s electrifying sound, Caffeine delivers a burst of energy and creativity, keeping you “Weak” in the knees with its invigorating effects. As you indulge in the vibrant citrus flavors of Caffeine, your experience will be as exhilarating and unforgettable as AJR’s catchy beats and lyrics to help fuel your festival adventure.

Maroon 5

Oreo Blizzy (Sativa-Hybrid)

Oreo Blizzy will bring the “Sugar” (energy, creativity, mood-boost) to Maroon 5’s pop set! Prepare for a sweet symphony at Maroon 5’s Summerfest performance, complemented perfectly by Oreo Blizzy lighting up your senses. Just like Maroon 5’s addictive melodies, Oreo Blizzy offers a tantalizing blend of flavors and effects with a euphoric buzz. Indulge in the smooth, creamy taste of Oreo Blizzy as you groove to Maroon 5’s iconic tunes, letting the uplifting high carry you through a night of musical bliss. 

Lil Uzi Vert

Grape Gas (Sativa-Hybrid) 

Grape Gas’ candied grape notes will get you pumped and euphoric for Lil’ Uzi Vert’s energetic performance! Just like Lil Uzi Vert’s genre-defying sound, Grape Gas delivers a unique blend of flavors and effects, leaving you floating on clouds with its euphoric high. Indulge in the fruity, tangy taste of Grape Gas as you vibe to Lil Uzi Vert’s infectious beats, letting the uplifting buzz transport you to new heights of musical ecstasy. 

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