It’s official! CBD oil, once a holistic trend, is now considered mainstream. The Gallup organization, famous for its surveys, reports a growing number of Americans are using CBD products. CBD oil can be one of the most potent forms.

At TerraSol Dispensary, we carry a vast array of CBD oils and other top-rated products derived from hemp. We are also certified CBD educators, and we are always happy to answer your questions.

Cannabidoil, better known as CBD, is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis or hemp plant. To make CBD oil the stalks, leaves and flowers of the plant go into a pressurized chamber with carbon dioxide (CO2). The result is a liquid with properties of both. Next, the CO2 is vaporized. Finally, the CBD isolate is mixed with an organic oil, usually from the coconut. There you have it. CBD oil!

The General Health Connection with CBD

The human body has an endocannabinoid system or ECS. It works to balance our bodies and help keep us healthy. This happens when the ECS receives and translates signals through compounds called cannabinoids. We produce cannabinoids naturally in our systems. When we take a cannabinoid like CBD, it enhances our ECS.

The bottom line, when our ECS is working well so is our body. This can be seen in a wide range of improvements in our health.

The Many Health Benefits of CBD Oil

As reported by Gallup, CBD oil is mostly used to relieve body aches and pains. That said, you will find a long list of health enhancing uses for CBD oil. Some of the most common uses are below.

  • For Pain Relief CBD oil is shown to reduce inflammation, which is a major source of disease and pain in our bodies. Relief from joint pain generally kicks in within an hour of taking CBD oil. The compound is also useful in reducing nerve pain.
  • Anxiety and Depression A 2020 study shows an improvement in both anxiety and depression among most participants taking CBD within the first 3 weeks. One way it may work is through a chemical messenger in the brain, called serotonin. 
  • Insomnia A big reason we lie awake at night is because of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. CBD helps to regulate cortisol, a prime stress hormone. Subsequently, you are more likely to catch your zzz’s. In addition, pain is also known to keep us up at night. When CBD reduces your pain, you are more likely to fall asleep.

There is also great interest in the effects of CBD as a proponent of brain health. For instance, CBD products are being researched for their positive effects on Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders.

Even Pets are Getting Help from CBD Oil

CBD Oil is being used more and more to treat our beloved pets. Even veterinarians are taking notice. PETMD reports CBD oils can be useful in managing arthritis, stress, cancer, and even seizures in dogs. If your pet is already being treated for health conditions, you may want to check with your veterinarian before adding CBD oil to the regimen.

Popular CBD Products

There are thousands of CBD products to choose from. To get an idea, visit a CBD dispensary online or in person. We suggest you buy your CBD from a trusted source, where you can be sure the product is safe, effective, and suited to your personal goals and needs. 

When it comes to CBD oil, you can choose your delivery method. For example, place a few drops under your tongue, or spray the extract inside of your cheek. This is very effective, as the hemp extract will pass directly into your bloodstream.

Other popular CBD products include CBD topical salves, and edibles, soaps, beauty products and the list goes on!

Contact Us for Answers to All of Your CBD Questions

At TerraSol Dispensary we offer a vast array of all natural CBD products vetted for quality, efficacy, and safety. And, as CBD educators we will be able to help you in choosing the right products for you. If you have any questions contact us, or stop in to see us at our CBD dispensary in  Menomonee Falls. We are proud to be your premier source for CBD and look forward to meeting you!