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Wisconsin is known for many things. Okay fine, mainly just cheese, beer, and The Green Bay Packers. But it sure would be cool if one of those staples was legalized cannabis for recreational use in Wisconsin! Is it legal? Will you go to jail for possessing just one nugget? Can you get a prescription for medical marijuana in Wisconsin? Here’s the answers to all your questions about Cannabis use in Wisconsin.

What is illegal for Cannabis in Wisconsin?

All marijuana possession and/or usage in Wisconsin is illegal, but that sounds like a real debby downer, so here is the good news: Hemp products containing amounts of THC and larger portions of the more medically known CBD are found in stores around the state called dispensaries! You can probably find quite a few located near you, but we recommend the one in Menomonee Falls *cough cough*.

Possession of Cannabis Consequences in Wisconsin

The laws in Wisconsin for possession of THC are very concrete, but even concrete cracks, ya know. On the first offense with any amount of THC, the jail time is six months with a max fine of $1,000. On a subsequent offense with possession of THC, it will be considered a felony with three and a half years of jail time and up to a $10,000 fine.

Which is why we highly recommend, seriously we don’t want anyone in trouble here, that you visit a dispensary, you talk to folks that are good at this stuff, and you find out the perfect product, amount, and reaction that you are looking for.

What is legal for recreational use in Wisconsin?

Here’s the technical stuff: All Full Spectrum products contain a “profile” of Cannabinoids that contains less than 0.3% THC (which is the Federal legal limit). The Full Spectrum CBD contains the Delta products (∆8, ∆9, and ∆10).

These are perfectly legal to consume for recreational use in Wisconsin and still gives the psychoactive and intoxicating effects. This is the component that gives off the “high” effect.

The Delta-8 causes a more mild high, in which it produces a euphoric and fuzzy-type feeling. As for Delta-9, it will give a greater feeling of relaxation. Lastly, the Delta-10 is known for providing a more uplifting and relaxing effect. It doesn’t cause any intense emotions of paranoia or anxiety.

Here’s the important stuff: tell us what you are looking for and we will match the effect and product to best suit your needs, think the Bachelor but less crying, and it’ll only take 15 minutes to find your match and not a 15 episode season on TV. Will you accept our rose? Or might we interest you in a pre-rolled CBD blunt instead?

Medical Marijuana Usage in Wisconsin

Similar to the other marijuana laws in Wisconsin, medical use is only legal in low forms of THC cannabinoids. Wisconsin does not require any type of medical marijuana card or certificates for the use. A patient just has to be referred by their physician for medical cannabinoid.

In a select amount of states, a medical marijuana card or certificate may be required. It is called the Medical Marijuana Card Reciprocity and once obtained, it can be used in other states that also have reciprocity.

Listen, we are not medical professionals, and we totally support the people who are. Talk to your doctor. That’s it. Do that.

Time for some street cred!

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