If you have anxiety, chronic pain, or inflammation problems, you likely are looking for relief anywhere you can get it. Your doctor can help you find natural options to help ease your symptoms without causing a lot of drastic side effects. By learning about CBD molecular structure, you can make a more informed decision about the product that is likely to be most effective against whatever ails you.

The Similarities and Differences Between THC and CBD Molecular Structure

All natural forms of THC and CBD are found in cannabis plants. The specific molecular makeup of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is C21H30O2. THC has the same structure, but the atoms are not arranged the same way. Even small changes at this fundamental level can account for big differences in how a substance interacts with the human body.

THC is the reason that marijuana users feel a high after smoking or ingesting it. This happens when the compound binds with brain receptors that control mood, emotions, and pain. CBD, on the other hand, does not bind to the structures of the brain but instead alters the shape of the CB1 receptor. This may limit the ability of THC to bind with the CB1 receptor, thus limiting the effects it has on the body.

Common Uses for Cannabinoids

Understanding CBD molecular structure can help you decide which cannabinoid product is most likely to work for you. There are many reasons that doctors and naturopaths in Mequon may recommend them, but they don’t all do the same thing.


The mood-stabilizing effect of THC is the main reason that so many people with anxiety find it appealing, especially those who are frustrated with the difficulty of finding a unique pharmaceutical cocktail that works consistently for them. Even a small dose before bed may lower the number of panic attacks they experience.


Both CBD and THC seem to have analgesic effects on the body. One inhibits pain receptors and the other binds with them to regulate the brain’s response to stimuli. Products containing these compounds are often popular with those undergoing cancer treatments or experiencing chronic pain.


More research on CBD molecular structure is needed to fully gauge its usefulness, but there is promising news that medicinal cannabis may significantly reduce the rate of seizures in children with epilepsy. Given the relatively mild side effects of cannabinoids when compared with traditional medication used for this purpose, more doctors in Germantown may begin to prescribe it for their patients.

States Where You Can Buy Delta 8

Delta 8 has many of the benefits of other THC compounds without its psychoactive properties. Federal law allows for the sale of delta 8, and approximately two-thirds of the states have legalized its use, including Wisconsin. However, there are quite a few states where it is still considered a controlled substance and is thus illegal, including:

  • Alaska
  • Iowa
  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Utah

Questions About CBD Molecular Structure

We at TerraSol are committed to understanding CBD molecular structure so we can offer natural options to Menomonee Falls and other Wisconsin residents that address a variety of symptoms and other medical issues. Contact us if you have questions about which product may be right for you.